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IPhone 12 dropped to clearance price, now it is more cost-effective to start

I believe that some fans who have been paying attention to Mingmei Infinite to this day should understand that, at present, the focus of Apple mobile phones is concentrated on the iPhone 13, mainly around the supply of goods, in fact, regardless of online or offline channels, ordinary The version is not difficult to buy, mainly because the two Pro versions with high screen refresh are in serious demand. Although Apple has taken some measures, it is difficult to see the effect in the short term. At least it is impossible to achieve the spot.

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The bifurcation of ToF technology, is it heap pixels or accuracy?

“ Today, the competition in the smartphone market in terms of cameras is still fierce. In addition to the competition between cameras and pixels, the appearance rate of ToF cameras has also gradually increased. Is the only application of the ToF sensor that we have access to is the mobile phone camera? What are the similarities and differences between the ToF solutions of various companies?

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The digital transformation of the auto parts industry continues to heat up

Whether it’s transmission, steering, chassis systems, or autonomous driving systems, design, production and usage data are all transmitted to the “cloud” in real time, and product design optimization, process improvement, and even sales strategy and management efficiency improvements also come from the “cloud”. “Data…This is the comprehensive digital solution of the multinational auto parts giant ZF, among which the “cloud” as the connection hub is cloud computing.

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Inventory | China Telecom’s anti-epidemic, demonstrating its “hard core” role

In 2021, local domestic epidemics will repeat. In this battle without gunpowder, warmth and prevention and control are being staged every day. The communications security personnel of China Telecom, who are sticking to the front line of prevention and control, have shown a fearless spirit of racing against time and fighting the epidemic. They have gone all out to perform various communications security tasks efficiently and supported the prevention and control of the epidemic with the best services. “Hardcore” is in charge.

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Increase the output current of very low dropout regulators and achieve a parallel design for even heat dissipation

“ Each new generation of computing systems invariably requires higher total power and lower supply voltages than the previous generation, leaving power supply designers with the challenge of maintaining higher output currents in a smaller area. At high power densities and low output voltages, thermal issues rise to the fore as a design consideration, especially for linear regulators in low noise applications. Paralleling LDO regulators can increase supply current and reduce heat dissipation, thereby reducing the magnitude of temperature rise for any particular component and the size and number of heat sink components required.

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